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Few things are as immediately frustrating and upsetting as being charged with a crime. At Law Office of Jesse P. Duran, we have helped hundreds of criminally accused to protect their rights, tell their side of the story, and obtain the best possible outcome for their situation. You are not a criminal just because you were charged with committing an illegal act. With our firm on your side, you can feel more confident about how to exercise your legal options and protect your future. Jesse P. Duran has earned a reputation for knowledgeable, compassionate defense that gets results.

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Comprehensive Counsel for Your Crimes

Most of our clients come to us feeling hopeless and alone following their arrest or accusation—we understand what they are going through. Law enforcement and prosecutors have an uncanny ability to make the accused feel like there is no escape from their charges, but Law Office of Jesse P. Duran knows better. We handle all criminal charges and have the in-depth knowledge to construct an effective defense.

Our firm deals with criminal charges such as:

Using Every Possible Advantage on Your Behalf

For the unfamiliar, criminal defense proceedings consist of a prosecutor and a defendant arguing over whether or not someone is guilty of a crime. The truth is that many criminal proceedings don’t even make it to court. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can file motions before their client takes a witness stand. In many cases, a simple examination of the charges and evidence can yield critical findings that can instantly change the outcome of a case. Your charges might even be dropped.

From the moment we take a case, Law Office of Jesse P. Duran will request evidence from law enforcement to get a clear picture of their side of the story. If there are inconsistencies, we will find them and use them to your advantage. With over a decade of experience in the North Los Angeles legal community, Jesse P. Duran has forged useful relationships we can leverage on your behalf, whether through negotiating on your behalf or knowing when to take your case to trial.

Your future is important. Put Antelope Valley’s premier criminal defense attorney on your side today by calling our team at (661) 903-8056.

Commonly Asked Questions

How can the Law Office of Jesse P. Duran help if I've been accused of a crime?

If you've been accused of a crime, the Law Office of Jesse P. Duran can help by protecting your rights and ensuring your side of the story is heard. They will thoroughly review the evidence and charges against you, identify any inconsistencies, and use them to your advantage. With over a decade of experience in the North Los Angeles legal community, they have the knowledge and relationships to either negotiate on your behalf or take your case to trial if necessary.

Can the Law Office of Jesse P. Duran get my charges dropped?

While there is no guarantee that any charges will be dropped, the Law Office of Jesse P. Duran will meticulously examine the charges and evidence against you to find any critical findings that could potentially change the outcome of your case. Their experience and understanding of the legal process can lead to various strategies, including filing motions that may result in charges being reduced or dismissed before reaching court.

What should I do if I'm arrested for a crime in Antelope Valley?

If you're arrested for a crime in Antelope Valley, it's crucial to contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. The Law Office of Jesse P. Duran is available to provide legal counsel and representation. They offer night and weekend meetings by appointment and can be reached by phone or through their online contact form. Acting quickly can be vital in ensuring your rights are protected throughout the legal process.

Why should I choose the Law Office of Jesse P. Duran for my criminal defense needs?

Choosing the Law Office of Jesse P. Duran for your criminal defense needs means you're selecting a firm with a reputation for knowledgeable and compassionate defense that gets results. With a decade of experience in the North Los Angeles legal community, Jesse P. Duran brings a wealth of knowledge and strategic insight to your case. The firm's commitment to their clients and their rights, along with their ability to leverage local legal relationships, makes them a strong advocate for anyone facing criminal charges in Antelope Valley.

Why Should You Choose Attorney Jesse Duran?

Zealous Legal Advocacy
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  • Se Habla EspaƱol
  • One-on-One Client Attention

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